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Your sell, your money

If we provide you a webshop and you can choose what products you would like to sell, then why would you not benefit?  One of the many great features that the ISP Group can offer to you is - together with your own ISP website - a webshop that generates extra income for your business.

How it works


The ISP Group is continuously looking to offer the most recent and state of art products to our members.  Besides a range of "standard" items such as recovery gels, elementary physiotherapeutical materials etc... we will display also new developments allowing you to make these available for your clients.

The ISP group will build your webshop in the framework as your ISP website.  Once ready the webshop becomes your property and you have full control and ownership of your own shop. We will help you in setting up all features and from that moment you can stat earning!

All customer payments will appear directly on your account, all logistics can be organized by the ISP group.

Your sell, your money! 


The ISP Group offers a wide range of products that you can sell at attractive margins to your clients or patients ; for these product we can support you with the logistics.  You can decide at any time to add other items to your shop and decide your own selling prices.
After all, it is your shop!

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