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about Practifit

Our Practifit platform is an online tool for paramedical professionals.

Customized rehabilitation programs are generated in a few minutes and can be shared with the patient in a printed document or send via e-mail.


How it works ...

For the therapist

Practifit contains more than 800 dedicated exercises to generate rehabilitation plans for your clients.  Enjoy a wide range of permanent protocols and training programs, easily adjustable per patient.  

Make use of specific filter options and search by type of sport, pathology or anatomical structures.

Every patient requires an individual recovery schedule. Training- & rehabilitation programs can easily be generated in the Practifit application.  Select either a set of specific exercises, upload your own protocols or combine both.

Practifit allows you to create a transparant
recovery plan within minutes.

For the patient

Retrieve dedicated plans in a print-out version
or by e-mail.

Besides extensive and clear explanations on how to execute recovery exercises, clear pictures are provided to ensure the patient understands perfectly how to execute at home.  

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